Functional Safety eLearning
for Industry Professionals

Background to Functional Safety

International standard IEC 61508 introduced functional safety to industry more than 20 years ago to help design better and more reliable systems that have embedded electronics and software.

However, many companies have struggled to implement these standards in real projects because they are technical and must be woven into existing processes and quality systems.

We're keen to help companies implement better, more practical systems based on many years of experience. That starts with improving knowledge of what functional safety is all about.

We've developed numerous eLearning modules to help teams develop new skills. By creating lessons for the entire safety lifecycle, we have course modules that apply to industry professionals working in multiple disciplines.

From hazard and risk assessment to design, engineering, testing, maintenance and management, we have modules that teach how safety systems get implemented and sustained in perpetuity.

It's free to register and try a few modules. If you want access to our PREMIUM LEARNING paths, you will find purchase details once you register.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to see what is in your courses?

Register for a free account, and you'll get access to the member area. Membership is free, with no obligation to purchase anything. Some free course modules lead to opportunities to buy Premium learning paths or you can subscribe monthly.

What is a PREMIUM learning path or course?

Our PREMIUM learning paths and courses are intended to lead to a certificate you can provide to an employer as proof of completing an entire course on the topic of interest. Typically,  learning paths take several hours to complete and include assessment quizzes. We charge a course fee for PREMIUM materials.

How long will I have access to courses or learning paths I have paid for?

Before any purchase, the conditions of expiry will be fully explained. We will also remind you by email if your access is about to expire.

Can I get a copy of the course lessons?

Yes, Learning Paths feature optional printed course notes for purchase, and many short courses feature downloadable PDFs. Where courses are mainly video/audio, a transcript is usually available.

Are free courses available?

We provide some free course modules at our discretion, but Premium and structured learning paths require a payment.

How long will I have access to free courses?

If you remain subscribed, you will always be able to see the free materials. Free materials are regularly changed to keep the site fresh, so we cannot guarantee that the modules you see when you join will always remain free.