FSA Checklist

Last Published: December 26, 2023

The FSA Background

As systems and processes involve ever more complex automation and software-base systems, functional safety standards have been extended to keep pace.

For compliance, you need to complete an IEC 61511 or IEC 61508 Functional Safety Assessment or Audit, and you're probably thinking "where do I start?".

The Challenge

It takes quite some considerable time to distil the contents of complex standards like IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 into a meaningful set of questions.

Search the FSA Checklist for your topic

The sample checklist data below returns only ten (10) rows for the topic you enter into the search. Our full checklist may contain many more entries. The eFS Excel-based checklist must be purchased - request a quotation below.

The Full Checklist

The eFunctionalSafety FSA checklist contains more than 350 questions or prompts relating to standard IEC 61511 Functional Safety Assessment stages 1 to 4, including FS management and Audit questions.

Each question is cross-referenced to the applicable clause of IEC 61511 edition 2, or other standards, if appropriate.

Question Prompts

  • FS Management: 27
  • Hazard, Risk & SIL Study: 41
  • SRS - Hardware: 30
  • SRS – Application Program: 20
  • SIS Design & Engineering: 48
  • SIS AP Development: 57
  • FAT: 16
  • I&C & Validation: 75
  • SIS Operations: 22
  • SIS Maintenance: 26
  • SIS Modification: 13

The Solution

The eFunctionalSafety FSA checklist includes original Microsoft Excel Files to help you manage and report on the FSA process with virtually no startup effort.

A comparable development effort is estimated to be in excess of two person-weeks for a functional safety professional with access to multiple functional safety standards and other industry guidelines.

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